Referee Payment / Match Fees

Leagues are responsible for setting their referee fees respectively, so if you are refereeing on multiple leagues, you may see a difference in the fees.

We have set fees for all of our County Cup Competitions, they are as follows:

Referee fees & Assistant Referee fees (in brackets) for the 2017-18 season:

Senior Cup - £45.00 (£30.00)

Intermediate Cup - £22.00 (£18.00

Junior Cup - £20.00 (£16.00)

Lower Junior Cup - £20.00 (£16.00)

Sunday Cup - £20.00 (£16.00)

Under 18 Cup - £20.00 (£16.00)

Under 16 Cup - £20.00 (£16.00)

U15 - U12 Cups - £16.00 (£12.00)

Mileage Allowance - £0.35p per mile to and from the venue

download Referee's fees - county cups 
This depends on the cup that you are officiating in, please refer to the County Cup Rules using either our free APP or our County Handbook.
You will be paid in cash at the end of the fixture, it is the home clubs responsibility to ensure that you receive the correct fee, but they or the away club may it (See APP or County Handbook).

If you do not receive your fee from either of the clubs, please raise this matter to Hunts FA ASAP, your fee will be paid and clubs may receive a disciplinary following this.

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