Hot Weather Guidance

An amber weather warning has been issued this weekend and will remain in place across the county through Sunday 17th and continue until Tuesday 19th July, as the nation's heatwave continues and temperatures expected to exceed 30◦C.

We are asking clubs to seriously consider and assess the safety of players in playing games this weekend. 

Teams who still wish to play friendlies this weekend should consider that The NHS are recommending avoiding exercising in the hottest parts of the day, and should therefore consider whether they wish to still play these games.  

If clubs still wish to play this weekend then for advice about how to stay safe in hot weather, visit the NHS website for guidance, which includes:

- Drink plenty of fluids

- Try to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm 

- Apply high protection sunscreen regularly 

- Watch out for signs of heat related illness. Find out about the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke, and when to get help.

From a football specific perspective, at a referee’s discretion, a short drinks breaks can be permitted during the game and whilst the referee can choose the best moment for the break to take place, it is recommended that these are as close to the middle of each half as possible. 

Other specific tips include: 

- Ensure you drink plenty of hydrating fluids before and after the game (consider drinks with electrolytes for re-hydrating although water is fine). 
- Ensure all players have water and consider having additional ready to drink and cool down 
- Avoid players wearing layers and, if possible, wear light colours where possible  
- Try to use rolling subs, plan substitutions to allow players to all have breaks. Consider having sheltered areas for substitutes to allow them to cool down 
- Consider having snacks such as frozen fruit, ice cubes or homemade lollies as a rehydrating treat (ensure you check the dietary requirements of players first). 
- Use common sense and if in doubt – STOP 

Young children can often find it more difficult to regulate their body temperature and there is some good guidance available HERE

This includes: 

- If in doubt – don’t play/train 
- If you do play use common sense and if in doubt – STOP 
- Water breaks every 15 minutes 
- Keeping a very close eye on players 
- Consider changing practice/match times and playing times (e.g. quarters with breaks etc.) 

If planning on playing or training on a 3G pitch, then clubs should consider the FA advice HERE