[Brett Fairholm]

We are delighted to announce that in October we successfully passed the “Safeguarding 365” assessment conducted by the NSPCC. Much like an OFSTED or a CQC review within education and health care settings, each County FA is assessed individually on their implementation of safeguarding. During this process the team is required to continually upload evidence to support the 78 sections of the framework issued. Areas include football development, governance, supporting U18s, compliance of the workforce and grassroots community and County FA policies and procedures. The County FA team are then notified of the initial assessment, where the assessors review all evidence and interview staff and board members. There will also be an unannounced visit within the following 12 months after initial assessment. The Hunts FA were highly commended in several areas including our youth engagement strategy, being amongst the first counties to appoint their youth council chairperson to the Hunts FA Board, showing our commitment to listening to a youth voice. The report also states “The Hunts FA is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for every person in grassroots football, this is reflected in their on-going business plan, and demonstrated across all the work they do”
The Hunts FA team are proud of the work we do, and are delighted this has been reflected in our assessment. Hunts FA will continue to prioritise safeguarding in all of the work we undertake. The safeguarding team would like to thank the staff team but also the grassroots volunteers that put in a huge amount of work to ensure that their clubs are compliant and safeguarding their participants year after year.
Mark Ives –  Director of Administration at The Hunts FA added    
“We are delighted that both The FA and the NSPCC have confirmed that we at The Hunts FA operate in a way that ensures that all young people and adults at risk are able to enjoy our wonderful game in a safe and secure environment and we, as the County FA have at the forefront of our practise the interest and well-being of our participants and volunteers at all times.”

 To contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer Sarah Hudson email - safeguarding@huntsfa.com or call - 01480 447484 / 0737740668