Gameplan for Growth Review - Refereeing

Throughout May and June, The FA is reviewing the impact of The Gameplan for Growth strategy on the women’s and girls’ game.


Launched in March 2017, the strategy pledged to tackle ambitious targets to double participation, double the game’s fanbase and create a high-performance system and world-class talent pipeline for England teams to achieve consistent success on the world stage. After four seasons the strategy is now concluding, and in the coming months The FA will outline its continued support for the women’s and girls’ game with the launch of the 2020-2024 strategy.

This week, The FA reviews how The Gameplan for Growth increased the number of female referees and raised standards throughout the women’s and girls’ game.

The Gameplan for Growth committed to “increase the number and diversity of women refereeing the sport at all levels” by developing The FA’s refereeing structure.

Please click here to read the results, a first-person narrative from Jo Stimpson [The FA’s Women’s Professional Game Refereeing Manager] and the story of three case studies who have flourished during the strategy. 


The story is also told in the video below;