Huntingdonshire FA Update

2nd April 2020

Firstly, we hope that everyone is staying safe throughout this challenging period.

In light of the current challenges that we all face, Huntingdonshire FA have decided that all payments for outstanding admin and discipline fines relating to misconduct charges will be deferred and will not be requested until 14 days prior to your clubs first fixture of the 2020/21 season, unless clubs wish to settle them earlier. However, all such payments will need to be completed before your first fixture.

We are working with the FA’s IT Department to cease the automatic issue of fines for late payment. Huntingdonshire FA have decided that with regards to any late payments that are currently arising – these will be removed.  Therefore, if you choose to defer a misconduct payment and until such time as WGS stops generating late payments, please contact Huntingdonshire FA and the late payment fine shall be removed.  

Huntingdonshire FA understands that all clubs and organisations face a challenging time due the current situation with Covid-19 and as such, we wish to highlight the Sport England Community Emergency Fund, This new fund aims to help community sport and physical activity organisations who are experiencing short term financial hardship or the ceasing of operations due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Please ensure that you stay safe throughout this difficult period.


Sport england community emergency fund