Huntingdonshire FA is committed to promoting equality by treating people fairly and with respect.

We respect inequalities exist and we are taking steps to address them by providing access and opportunities to all members of the community.

We cannot do this alone, but as an Association we will make sure that in our various roles we address equality and diversity issues to the best of our ability. As a direct provider of football services and as an organisation that is responsible for the nations’ most popular team sport we have a legal duty and the opportunity to influence how much emphasis is placed on equality and diversity, and we are striving to maximise our positive impact. We also have a role as the County Governing Body and will strive to lead by example in this field. We continue to work with The FA, all public partners, the voluntary and community sector and the private sector to link together to make the best possible impact locally. Access to equal opportunity for everyone who lives, works and visits Huntingdonshire is an overarching principle that underpins all that we do.

In July 2021, Huntingdonshire FA achieved the renewal of  our status of Foundation Level of the Equality Standard for Sport and work is underway to take our work to the next level by achieving the the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport by 2024.

We are strongly committed to improving accessibility to football and our Equality and Diversity Policy forms part of our approach to achieving our goals. We will continue to take a personal interest in how the action plans are implemented and reviewed.

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