CRC Checks - Explained

Need help understanding CRC Checks in Football? 

As part of our safeguarding children strategy, The FA requires those working in eligible* roles with children and young people to pass a criminal records check. This is in line with legislation and government guidance and is standard practice.

Simply because the adult has received their new Disclosure it does not mean The FA has accepted the CRC. There may still be ‘soft information’ on the document which the FA may want to explore further or require action from the recipient. The FA will not be privy to this information as only one copy is produced and that is sent to the recipient, in question. Online Disclosures are only advised that there is content on the disclosure. So Online Disclosure will then send a letter to the recipient requiring the original Disclosure (as an authorised Agency the FA have the right to make this request) be sent to them.

If the recipient’s present CRC has expired and whilst any CRC is being processed by Online Disclosures and The FA (i.e. before ‘acceptance’), under the Club’s Signed Safeguarding Commitment Statement, the manager/coach/regulated helper MUST be removed from WGS.

If this is not done then, under The FA’s Safeguarding Operating Standards, the team or club can be suspended.

Please ensure new CRC applications are actioned as soon as WGS flags the impending expiry. As a rule of thumb, please allow at least six weeks from validating a new CRC to show as accepted on WGS.

Finally, nobody in football wants to potentially prevent children playing football, but it is equally important to remember the clubs have a safeguarding duty of care towards them, so let’s ensure we are on top of these CRC applications and they do not become an unnecessary obstacle purely because of starting them too late.

                  Please contact Mark Moffett (Designated Safeguarding Officer) at if you need further help.

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