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Board and Staff

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For general enquiries please contact us:

By Email:

By Phone: 01480 414422


For Discipline

By email:


If you have a question about safeguarding in football or want to report a concern, please contact:

By Email:
By Phone: 01480 447484

These email inboxes will be monitored daily.


Directors of the Huntingdonshire FA Limited

Elected from Council

Mark Frost 2021-2022

Maurice Armstrong (Safeguarding Champion) 2019-2022

Marina Howlett 2020-2023

Richard Stephen 2020-2023


Independent Non Executive

Phil Whelan (Marketing Director) 2022-2025

Brett Mickleburgh (IT Director) 2022-2025

Dan Edwards (HR Director) 2022-2025

Vacant (Legal)



Mark Ives (Director of Administration)

Ali Abdulkader (IAG Chair)

Andrew Barks (Finance Director)

Jack Badcock (Youth Council Chair)


Football Association Representative

Mark Frost

Hunts fa staff



Company Secretary / Director of Administration

Mark Ives


Mark I

Tel: 01480 447480




General Manager

Andy Coles

 Andy C

Tel: 01480 447483



Football Development Officer (FDO)

Gary Marheineke

 Gary M

Tel: 01480 447486



Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

Sarah Hudson 

 Sarah H

Tel: 01480 447484 / 0737740667 



Marketing, Communications & Club Relations Assistant

Brett Fairholm

Tel: 01480 447485



Referee Development & Club Support Officer

Dan England

Tel: 01480 447481



Football Development Officer (Inclusion)

Ryan Kay

 Ryan K

Tel: 01480 447487



Finance Officer

Petria Foley

 Petria F

Tel: 01480 447488





Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) - Sarah Hudson

By Phone: 01480 447484

(9am - 5pm Monday-Friday)

By Mobile: 07377406678

By Email:


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer (DDSO) - Gary Marheineke

By Phone: 01480 447486

(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

By Email:


Senior Safeguarding Lead (SSL) - Mark Ives

By Phone: 01480 447480

(9am - 5pm Monday-Friday)

By Email:


Deputy Senior Safeguarding Lead (DSSL) - Andy Coles

By Phone: 01480 447483

(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

By Email:


Board Safeguarding Champion (BSO) - Maurice Armstrong

By Phone: 01832 293262

By Email: 

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