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The Football Association has recognised the technical opportunities available to many referees to use IT whilst not detracting from a system in place for those referees who, for whatever reason, do not use IT as a form of communication.

With the launch of the FA's Whole Game System (WGS) match officials can now report discipline, cautions and dismissals, online.

This element of the Whole Game System provides a simple, accurate reporting process for the match officials and an efficient management function for county staff.

Match officials must still report the incident by the submission of a report to the appropriate authority within two days of the match (excluding Sundays).

WGS allows Match Officials to submit accurate discipline reports from a match directly to the relevant County FA without the need to email to two different County FAs. Once submitted the reports will be automatically sent to the relevant County FA and will be processed accordingly.

To help you with the reporting process the FA have provided a useful video guide which can be found by clicking on the video at the top of the page.

This facility is currently only available on WGS for cautions and dismissals but will soon be extended to cover the reporting of any other discipline matter such as misconduct by a player who has been dismissed from the field of play, club official or spectator.

Until this a available please continue to report such incidences to the relevant County FA using the standard Misconduct Report.

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