The ongoing development of our referees is focused on providing a level of support tailored to meet the requirements of referees at all levels, whether that be on a level by level group basis or a more specific focused role, in response to an individuals’ needs.


  • Our young and newly qualified referees can benefit from the more informal match-day mentor scheme whereby an experienced referee, mentor or assessor will come and watch a game and provide feedback which the referee can take to their next game.
  • All promotion candidate referees are allocated a mentor who will work closely with the assessing team and County RDO to provide support and guidance to help each  referee achieve promotion.

  • All referees are encouraged to attend development workshops arranged by the County FA, National FA, RA-FA and our local Referee Association Branch meetings.

  • We are fortunate to have close links with senior clubs within the County to enable us to allocate our most promising referees to officiate at Academy level with an experienced mentor in attendance.

  • Promotion to a Higher Classification

Registered Match Officials can apply to be considered for promotion to a higher classification on a yearly basis. The Refereeing season runs from the 1st March to 28th/29th February each year and applications for promotion must be received by 31st March for the Refereeing Season ahead.

Once part of the promotion system the Huntingdonshire County FA will endeavor to assess you on at least 3 or 5 occasions. In addition you will be required to attend two promotion seminars and successfully pass a promotion exam.

Promotion Development Group

The Promotion Development Group operates on a year to year basis and is a great opportunity for candidates,  mentors, coaches and assessors to get together to share experiences and best practice. The Development team will take these opportunities to provide workshops on common issues arising throughout the season.

The dates of these meetings will be available prior to the start of each season.

If you are interested in the Promotion or Promotion Development Group opportunities then please contact:



Referee Tutors are an important part of the Refereeing Family who are an integral part of the Referee development process delivering basic training, in-service training and working closely with RA-FA to deliver key note presentations to the referee workforce.

As a Level 1 Tutor, you will be working as part of a team to deliver the Basic Referees Course.

As a Level 2 Tutor, in addition to working on the Basic Referees Course you may be asked to deliver In-Service Training to established Referees looking to develop their skills and progress up the refereeing levels as well as supporting our match-day mentor, promotion candidate mentor, and assessor training development plans.

If you are interested in becoming a Tutor, please contact: