Business Plan Summary 2014-2019

The Huntingdonshire FA has official launched its new Business Plan devoted to increasing participation and coaching, plus developing better playing facilities within the grassroots game.

The business plan summary so some insight into where the Huntingdonshire FA is currently with regards to coaching and facilities as well as further information regarding football development, football services, marketing and referee strategies.

The document also details the core values and strategic priorities for the business over the coming four years.

Hunts FA County Secretary Mark Frost said:

“The Association have created a revised 5 year business plan to assist the delivery of The Football Associations’ National Game Strategy. As a result of a 9% reduction in funding from The Football Association coupled with the loss of our Local College grant funding amounting to a total loss of income per year of £45k the Board of Directors together with the Staff and Council have had to re-prioritise the work that we are to produce in order to achieve the targets set out in our Business Plan. 

I am confident that using our superb new headquarters as a base for our activities, that with the support of our excellent staff, the Council Members and Board of Directors, together with the support we receive from The Football Association and most importantly the volunteers across the County FA that we will be able to achieve the exacting targets that we have set ourselves.

  1. Sustain and Increase Participation • Supporting Clubs to increase teams • Offering a range of competitions and leagues • Providing opportunities to take part
  2. Coaching & Player Development • Developing the best coaches • Supporting players to reach their potential • Providing the best start in football
  3. Better training and Playing Facilities • Improve and maintain football facilities • Investing in new facilities •
  4. The Football Workforce • Identifying new and supporting current volunteers to run the game • Providing referees for every game • Utilising new technology
  5. Being financially sustainable • Promoting & Marketing the Game • Identifying new funding and sponsorship opportunities • Understanding the needs of our customers”

The Business Plan can be found below, if you have any questions please contact Dean Watson on 01480 447483 or

Click Here to view the 2014-19 Business Plan